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Sounding the Alarm: Youth unemployment among young New Yorkers ages 16-24 is at crisis-levels. Across the state, the unemployment rate for residents 35 years and older is four percent, compared to a 15 percent statewide average unemployment rate for young adults between the ages of 16 and 24. 

The State of the Workforce Brief aims to provide a ‘point in time’ snapshot of the dynamics New York’s local and regional economy and the workforce impact.  It finds that all regions, except for New York City and Long Island, are seeing sizeable reductions in their available labor force. 

Seeking a Workforce Strategy: As New York’s economy continues to grow, the state needs a workforce development strategy that prepares and connects New Yorkers to careers.  Additionally, funding for workforce development continues to decline, despite substantial statewide investment in economic development.

Barriers to Entry and Unleashing the Economic Power of the 35 Percent represent a call to action to build a workforce development system that gives every young adult an opportunity to earn a wage and participate in New York City’s economy.

Barriers to Entry: Fewer Out-of-School and Out-of-Work Young Adults, As Warning Signs Emerge (March 2018) JobsFirstNYC commissioned and contributed to this study examining how young adults aged 18–24 are faring in the New York City labor market. It provides an analysis of current levels and recent trends in the demand for young adult labor, as distinguished by the employment and wage patterns of the jobs available to young people, and of the key characteristics of the supply of young adult labor, as represented by the demographics of 18- to 24-year-olds. 

Leveraging Opportunity, Meeting Demand: A Blueprint for Building New York State’s Workforce Development System is a brief provides state policymakers with a framework and strategy for taking advantage of this opportunity to build a responsive workforce development system in New York State.

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