About the Campaign

About the Campaign


What is the #InvestinSkillsNY Campaign?

Invest In Skills NY is a statewide advocacy partnership between employers, economic development and workforce development communities to urge the Governor and New York State Legislature to prioritize a skilled workforce as an economic necessity.  Funded by the New York Community Trust, the NYC Workforce Funders and the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation, this effort aims to raise the collective knowledge about workforce development as economic development and encourage policy reforms to meet the changing demands of the labor market.

Invest in Skills NY is staffed by JobsFirstNYC and the New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals (NYATEP) to coordinate a statewide voice pushing for a unified workforce agenda.

We encourage all interested organizations and employers throughout New York State to get involved in Invest in Skills NY.  Your voice and perspective should help drive New York State’s vision for workforce development.  You can engage with Invest in Skills in three ways – as a Steering Community Member; Regional Advocate; or Supporter.  Click Here to Download Additional Information about engaging with Invest in Skills NY.

The Opportunity for Change

On January 2, the NYS Governor announced his support of a “skills agenda” this year.  This is an incredible opportunity to leverage momentum for this historic investment and to influence the implementation.  However, without a long-term funding strategy or input from the front line of implementers this initiative will fail.

  • Establishes $175 Million Consolidated Funding Application for Workforce Investments in Emerging Fields through the Regional Economic Development Councils

  • Creates Office of Workforce Development to Oversee State's Investments and Execution -- Headed by New Director of Workforce Development

  • Launches One-Stop Shop to Help Workers and Businesses Navigate Workforce Development Programs

  • Enforces Strong Accountability Standards for Program Performance and Employs State-of-the-Art-Data Analytics to Strategically Target Local Workforce Needs Across the State.

Core Principles of Invest in Skills NY

The Invest in Skills NY coalition is centered on three core tenets; flexibility; accountability; and scaling what works.  In response to the Governor’s proposal we believe:

Funding made available through the Regional Economic Development Consolidated Funding Application must:

  • Support multi-year investments; including resources to build the capacity of the workforce system to respond

  • Be accessible throughout the year on a rolling basis

  • Engage a cross-section of regional stakeholders and businesses in decision-making

  • Be regionally targeted and responsive to local needs; equitably responding to the volume of need each region faces

  • Adequately support all New Yorkers; including those most in need of basic skills development, wage advancement & support to overcome barriers to family sustaining wages

  • Invest in what works & in innovation where necessary

The proposed “Office of Workforce Development” must:

  • Have the authority and power to transform the State’s workforce system and hold State agencies accountable for statewide outcomes

  • Be transparent and accountable for defined outcomes; including publically available snapshots and report cards on progress

  • Build a clear one-stop shop website that is responsive to the end user of job and career-seekers and businesses

State-of-the-Art Data Analytics for Workforce must:

  • Integrate supply and demand data as well as performance outcomes to measure progress

  • Be publicly available